With Flywheel, you have the ability to add multiple users to your account.  All users will have the ability to view and take action within your Flywheel account. 

How to Add a User to Flywheel

If you're looking to add a co-worker, employee, team member, or client to your Flywheel account, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Add them as a user or account owner in your Seller/Vendor Central

  2. Set user permissions, at minimum, to 'view and edit' Campaign Manager

  3. Have them login to Flywheel using their Amazon login credentials

If they're already a user or account owner with the correct user permissions, all they need to do is login!


New Users can access Flywheel by logging into their account from the Teikametrics home page or click here! 

If you have any issues adding a user, please reach out to our support team via Expert Chat.

Please note: New users will not be able to successfully log in if they do have not the correct permissions in Seller/Vendor Central.

Additional Resources:

How to Add a User in Seller/Vendor Central

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