Metrics: What are the metrics unique to Flywheel?

Estimated Gross Profit: This number tells you how much your gross profit was over a given time period. Keep in mind, this number can be incomplete if you have not yet entered COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) for all of your products. Gross profit, in Flywheel, is calculated by subtracting your Amazon fees, FBA fees, ad spend and COGS from your total sales.

TACoS: Total Advertising Cost of Sale. This number tells you how much you spend on advertising for each sale. It is calculated by dividing your total ad spend by your total sales.

Est. gross margin: This number tells you the percentage of your total sales that become gross profits. It is calculated by dividing gross profit by total sales and multiplying by 100

Terminology: What Flywheel terminology do I need to succeed?

Associated Campaigns: Number of active campaigns a particular SKU is being advertised in. Too few campaigns might mean you don’t have the ideal mirror campaign structure and too many might mean you are spreading your advertising budget too thin.

Cost of Goods Sold: The cost of manufacturing and getting your products ready to sell. It is the total for units sold of a particular SKU over a given time period

Opportunities: Recommended actions to take to keep the Flywheel spinning

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