It's not uncommon for sellers to want to target their "main keywords" or "best keywords" with a strategy that is different than their overall campaign or product strategy. This can mean spending more to generate impressions and gain more visibility or trying to bid higher to place on page 1 or 2 of search results.

There are a couple of points to consider if you are considering implementing this strategy:

  1. It can result in increased spend

  2. It can result in higher ACoS

If you are comfortable with spending and are looking to invest more in these searches, here are some strategies to try out.


Campaign Structure

Create a separate campaign with just these keywords and relevant products. If your overall campaign objective is profitability, then your bids might be too low to get top placement for a particular, competitive search.

By pulling out these keywords into a dedicated campaign, you can implement two different tactics at the same time: one focused on product lifecycle and one focused on generating exposure to particular searches.


Targeting specific searches can require more investment and you need to make sure your bid strategy is aligned:

  1. MACS: Set MACS high to allow yourself to bid up where possible. The MACS tells the bidder how aggressive you want to be, so the higher you set it the higher we bid. Learn more about setting MACS here.

  2. Bid Floor: Setting a bid floor let's you bid a certain, minimum amount each time. If you find that you need to bid at least $1 to win auctions for a competitive search term, consider setting a bid floor that accounts for that. Learn more about bid floors. 

  3. Adjust bids by Placement: Use one of Amazon's more aggressive bidding strategies combined with Flywheel to really boost spend on a specific keyword or campaign. Only doing this is if you're comfortable running at a high ACoS. Learn more about Amazon's bidding strategies

Finding Keywords to Target

If you are unsure what your "main keywords" or "best keywords" are, take a look at your Top Contributing Keywords. If you find yourself in a scenario where you aren't generating impressions or sales at a level you would like, consider setting up a targeted campaign with these Top Contributing Keywords using the strategies outlined in this article. Learn more about Top Contributing Keywords.

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