The price aware bidder factors in orders data and sales price to calculate your best bid. Flywheel takes in your selling price in addition to your advertising data, allowing our algorithms to better predict how much you can expect to make and get you to the right bid faster.

We can better predict your bids, before we have even seen a single conversion.

Watch Aatish Salvi explain it in his own words:

What can you expect to see?

  • Shorter testing times. We will be able to get you to your value-based bid faster ⚡️

  • More responsive bids if you change your price. We pull in the last price your product sold at

  • Pick up more quickly on what products are in an ad group if you happen to have paused ads. This gives us the most accurate average selling price for a particular ad group

What should you be aware of?

  • Make sure products with vastly different prices are not in the same ad group. This will allow you to see the fastest (and best) bid changes

  • Review our Campaign Structure Best Practices to make sure your campaigns are set up correctly.

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