The best way to use (and succeed) with Flywheel is to make it a habit. 

Check out this short video to learn how the Home screen will help you use Flywheel:

Here’s what you need to do each step of the way:

(Almost) Every Day

Click on the purple box on the home screen and take a peek at all the bid changes from the previous day. Remember: Flywheel is working as you sleep, getting you to your business goals

Log into your account every day to review your total sales and estimated gross profit. How are these two numbers trending?

Every Week


  1. Review and take recommended Sponsored Products actions--be sure to evaluate them carefully! Learn more about keyword actions here
  2. Look under “Discover Flywheel” for any new news, updates and educational content


  1. Review your Total Advertising Cost of Sale every week to see how it’s trending. Did you start new campaigns in the past week? If so, you might see an increase in your TACoS
  2. Check the performance on particular products: Is your best seller maintaining sales volume? If not, take a look at your product listing page to see if you can improve conversion


Continue entering COGS for any products and listings you add to your catalog. Also remember to update COGS for any products where this may have changed

Navigate to the “Analytics” tab to compare any two metrics against each other. For example: see how Est. Gross Profit is trending against ad spend for the past month

That’s it. Getting Flywheel off the ground and into space is not exactly rocket science. But, it’s not set and forget either. 

Remember: every action you take impacts your overall Amazon business. Flywheel will help you keep context in mind, evaluate your metrics and make informed decisions.

Thanks for joining us and we are excited to take this journey with you!

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