Welcome to Teikametrics Flywheel! We’re excited to give you the visibility you need to truly understand how your advertising is helping your overall business growth on Amazon.Β 

Here's a quick note from our team:

We want to help you understand the relationship between the different areas of your business by giving you context and granular metrics. And, as our name suggests, we love metrics.

This guide is designed with one thing in mind: your successful Flywheel set up. As you go through each step, the goal is for you to understand why each step matters and how Flywheel can help you be a better and more informed Amazon seller.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. What can you do with Flywheel?
  2. How does Flywheel work?
  3. How can Flywheel help you?

Your knowledge of Amazon advertising directly correlates to your success in Flywheel. If you're new to advertising on Amazon or want to test your knowledge, check out this crash course created by Amazon.

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