What is bid floor minimum?

The bid floor is not the same thing as the starting bid. The bid floor is the minimum amount our algorithm will bid on a keyword (if manual) or an ad group (if automatic) in this campaign.

Our default and recommend bid floor value is 0.05. We do not recommend changing the bid floor, but if you do change it we recommend to do so in increments of no more than 0.25 and wait at least 48 hours between changes to see the results.

Where you can you set bid floor minimum?

Bid floor minimum can be found under the Campaign Performance section next to MACS. This can be set on the campaign level to align with your strategy for those products.

What would you use bid floor minimum for?

If our bid algorithm is setting your bids lower than you’d like, take advantage of it for:

  • Highly competitive categories
  • Launches
  • Products that need a little more visibility

However, be careful not to set your bid minimum too high as this can impact ACOS and only enable floors on campaigns you want to target differently.

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