Now, it’s time to evaluate your advertising

Check each SKU to see whether you need to increase advertising investment or scale back. A healthy margin might indicate that you should push more Sponsored Products ads to try and increase sales volume. A low margin can either indicate a product in the launch phase or one that you need to cut down expenses for.

If you are just getting started or want to learn more about campaign structure, check out our detailed Getting Started Guide for Sponsored Products advertising strategy and best practices.

🏃‍♀️Teika Action: Evaluate your current campaign structure against our Campaign Configuration Checklist to see how you stack up against best practices. Do you see any room for improvement in your campaigns? Using the right campaign structure helps you better do something with bidding.

Set Your Max Ad Cost per Sale

Setting Max Ad Cost per Sale makes your campaign eligible for bid automation. This means that the bidder will make daily bid changes to each keyword and ad group in your campaigns. You’ll want to make sure your Max Ad Cost per Sale are set in with your goals and margins, otherwise you may end up spending too much or too little on advertising.

Learn more about bid automation and setting MACS here. 

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