One of Flywheel's greatest features is its bid automation. Our price-aware bidding algorithms crunch your data to find the perfect bid amount based on your conversions, Max Ad Cost per Sale (MACS), amount of change in performance, sales price and more. 

Frequency of changes

Flywheel reviews keyword and ad group performance on an hourly basis and makes changes when necessary. It looks back at the past 30 days of performance data to make changes.

Reasons for bid changes

Flywheel sets bids based on a variety of reasons: including rate of data generation, net ad revenue, conversion rate and the degree of change. Can you imagine having to keep all this in mind and changing bids manually? While the only thing you need to do to make bid changes happen is set a MACS, you can review bid changes at any time under Change History. Click here for a detailed description of bid change reasons.

Simple strategies

MACS are the best way to control how you are spending on a particular campaign. If you are looking to bid higher, consider raising your MACS and implementing a higher bid floor. Keep in mind, increasing the bid floor can result in accelerated spend.

To bid lower on a campaign, you can decrease your MACS to curb spend.

For campaigns where you are looking to increase spend to generate more impressions, increase your ad group default bid directly in Seller Central.

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