Once you have created your new campaigns within the bulk file template, upload them to Seller Central.

Upload Bulk File Template to Bulk Operations within Campaign Manager of Seller Central 

If there are errors with the upload, you will see this message.  Download the report to troubleshoot.   

Column B: Original Record # > identifies the line of the file where the error occurred
Column E: Error Message > summarizes the error 

Troubleshooting Common Issues

The most common mistake made is failing to 'enable' a campaign, ad group, or SKU in the bulk file. Many of the processing errors below will be related to this error. 

Upload errors

Make sure that the file you are uploading is a .xlsx or .xls. 

Processing errors

Failed to create ad group [Ad Group Name], [Number of Ads] ads were not created 

Make sure all rows are filled out with the ad group name in Column J

Failed to create campaign, [Number of Ads] ads were not created 

Make sure all rows are filled out with the campaign name in Column D

Duplicate row at position [Position], first row was processed and all other duplicates were ignored. 

If you enter in the same SKU on multiple rows under one campaign or ad group, any duplicates will automatically be ignored

Other common issues

Make sure that all the information is entered into the appropriate column

Make sure the status for each campaign, ad group and ad is set to “enabled” in and all required rows are filled out

Make sure there are no special characters within the campaign or ad group name
Your manual campaigns will have their status listed as incomplete at this time--and that's okay! Once your automatic campaign generates search term data and you start to to add keywords to your manual campaign, it will switch from incomplete to running

Newly created campaigns in Seller Central will be reflected in Flywheel within 24 hours. Please reach out to our support team to expedite the campaign data sync. 

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