The most common reasons we see for limited impressions are low bids, low ad or keyword relevancy, and narrow targeting.

If you see a campaign that has not generated any impressions or clicks, this typically indicates the default bid of the ad group(s) and/or keyword(s) were set too low initially, and your ads have not been placed in front of enough eyes (or the right eyes) to gain any traction.

If this is the case, manually increase the default bid of the ad group(s) or keyword(s) in Seller Central's Campaign Manager. Compare the ad group or keyword level default bid with Amazon's suggested bid. This is a great baseline to use - if your initial bid is much lower than Amazon's suggested, increase the bid of your ad group or keyword(s).
So what if your default bid is in the same ball park as Amazon's suggested bid?

  1. Check and see if all products in that campaign are eligible for advertising. If a product is deemed as "ineligible" the ad will not be shown.

    The primary causes of ineligibility are when an item is out of stock, unsellable, or is not holding the Buy Box. Make sure the products in the low-traffic campaign are in stock, fulfillable, sellable, and priced competitively enough to hold the Buy Box.
  2. Is your product page optimized? Make sure your listing's title, bullet points, and description are descriptive enough that Amazon deems the SKU relevant enough to display. Also, make sure to add keywords to the back end of your product page to drive as much traffic as possible towards your listing that is relevant
  3. Make sure your keywords are not too specific right off the bat by transitioning from broad to phrase to exact. Try widening your keyword targeting to help increase impression volume.

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