If you are a newer brand to Amazon advertising and just getting started, we recommend following our 'Basic' campaign structure best practices, referred to as 'mirrored campaign structure'. If you're a more seasoned seller, please review our Advanced Campaign Structure: Audience Based Targeting. 

What is Mirrored Campaign Structure?

These best practices recommend running a 1:1 structure, which means running both campaign types (auto and manual) simultaneously for each category/objective or parent ASIN you're advertising. 

This means that you want a corresponding manual campaign for every automatic campaign: with the same naming convention, same ad groups and same SKUs within each ad group. 

What are the benefits of using Mirrored Campaign Structure?

1. Reap the benefits of both campaign types, effectively run an EXPLORE AND EXPLOIT STRATEGY:

  • EXPLORE: Use the auto campaign to identify the top performing customer search terms that have generated multiple orders at an ACoS that is aligned with the campaign's objective. 

  • EXPLOIT: Easily transfer those highly converting customer search terms as new keywords to the identical manual campaign to exploit their performance and capture all relevant impressions, clicks and sales.

2. Improved Advertising Efficiency (better ACoS):

Using real data to identify top performing keywords will result in better performance and a lower ACoS when advertising on Amazon because you are bidding on data backed keywords that have proven to convert for the set of products. 

3. Take Keyword Actions in Flywheel Quickly and Easily:

This will allow you to easily identify top performing customer search terms and transfer those as keywords with refined match types using our 'Keywords to Add' functionality in Flywheel.

Example of Mirrored Campaign Structure:

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