Alright — you’ve set your MACS but maybe things have changed. What should you do?

Your MACS is a way of indicating to the software your willingness to spend. It can be set high if you are focused on launching or growing a product and low if you are looking to improve product profitability. No matter where you set your MACS, the bidding algorithm needs time to help you achieve them. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Frequency of changes

When you are setting MACS, think about how you want to target those campaigns for the next few weeks, not the next few days. You should not change your MACS more frequently than once every 2-3 weeks and even then, it should align with a change in objectives.

Criteria for change

Consider changing MACS in the following scenarios:

  • Has your objective for a campaign or product changed? For instance, liquidating a product vs. aiming for profitability.
  • Are campaigns not meeting your goals? If your campaign is not generating sufficient impressions or clicks at a 20% MACS, for instance, you can consider raising it higher to 40% instead.

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