Automatic campaigns are a great way to get started with Sponsored Products advertised as they do not require or allow you to specify keywords. They target ads to all relevant customer search terms as dictated by Amazon. Automatic campaigns work best when the listing’s title, bullet points, product description, and keywords are optimized. Amazon then selects keywords from these categories and “tests” them, providing keywords for your own campaign. Since Amazon automatically selects the keywords, bidding is defaulted to the ad group level, giving you less control. Automatic campaigns are great data mines to find what search terms are working best for your products.


Manual campaigns provide allow for greater control as you have the opportunity to add new keywords, select keyword match types, and adjust bids accordingly. When keywords start producing a higher return on ad spend per click, their bids can be increased and vice versa. When managed correctly, these campaigns can be the most effective advertising tool on Amazon’s platform. For best results, do not guess when adding keywords to manual campaigns--use search data from your automatic campaign. And, for optimal results, continue to monitor keywords and look for refinement opportunities by taking them from broad to phrase and phrase to exact.

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