What are Top Contributing Keywords?

Top Contributing Keywords in the keyword actions section of Flywheel is a list of your best-performing keywords. These are the keywords that generate the most net ad revenue for your business.

This data reflects the trailing 30 day period and is updated weekly. You can see the date of your last sync at the top of the page.  

Leverage Top Contributing Keywords

While no actions can be taken on this page, you can use this data to:

  1. Identify keywords to be used as "backend" keywords on your listing

  2. Include these keywords in your listing titles and product descriptions

  3. Gain insights on areas of your business you may be overinvesting in ads, i.e. spending too much on brand terms

  4. Identify areas of your business to target, i.e. double down on a generic term to increase market share

Adding keywords as backend keywords will essentially allow you to double down on specific keywords, boosting the relevancy of your listing in the eyes of Amazon's Algorithm. Increased relevance means higher placement!

Pro Tip: If you notice your brand name is showing up often on the list, you may be overspending on brand terms. Consider restructuring your campaigns to an audience-based structure so you can reduce spend on brand terms and redirect it to generic terms. 

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