How often will my bids change?

Flywheel evaluates bids every hour and makes changes when necessary.

Why Have My Sales Have Decreased?

The Bidder will lower bids on Keywords that are not converting if it cannot afford to buy those clicks. It will also switch Keywords with too little data to the Ad Group default bid. One reason that sales may have decreased is because your MACS are set too low. Raising the MACS will raise bids and thus your sales. However! The higher MACS means that the Bidder will buy clicks at a high price and thus it will lower the margins on your total sales.

Why did the bid decrease on a keyword/ad group that was performing well in the past?

Often, a bid that has been lowered significantly is in response to external factors that are affecting performance. If we see a drop in conversion rate, for instance, we will decrease the bid to stop you from overspending. Conversion rate can be affected by whole host of reasons such as reviews, ratings and price.

Why Is The Bid On This Keyword Too High/Low?

To understand the bid on a given Keyword, look at the factors that govern the bid:

  1. The conversion of the Keyword. If this is going up or down, the bid will follow it.
  2. The MACS of the Campaign. If the MACS is low or high, the bid will follow it.
  3. The Revenue Per Order. If the sale price has changed and the SKU is getting more or less revenue per order, the bid will follow it.

Why Are My Ads Not Showing Up In The Same Positions?

The position of your Ads depends on your bid. The higher your bid, the better your Ad position. If you want a better position for your Ads, you will need to raise your MACS and be willing to spend more of your sale price to get it.

Why Was My Bid Decreased/Increased Even Though My ACOS Was Low/High?

You campaign may be above or below its MACS and still contain Keywords that are spending too much or too little. The Bidder will isolate these and change their bids.

It’s also important to remember that the Bidder will try and respect your MACS. If your ACOS is below the MACS, it will try and spend more to get you more sales.

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