Evaluating campaign performance starts with understanding your business objectives for each campaign and the products within it:

  • Aggressive Launch: For brand new products and campaigns where you are trying to generate more spend. Your goal here is to increase spend and capture more data
  • Launch: If your products are new and in the initial stages of the product lifecycle, you should measure campaign success by increased impressions and clicks. Your goal at this stage is to generate exposure and drive traffic
  • Increase Sales: As your products start to improve conversion, you should measure success by incremental revenue growth and work on reducing wasted ad spend to move closer to your MACS
  • Target Profitability: Once your campaigns and products mature, you can focus on driving incremental revenue for your best-selling products at the most efficient spend. You can measure success by evaluating your ACoS and seeing whether it meets industry averages and is profitable. But, keep in mind, ad spend does not only boost paid sales, it also has an impact on your organic conversion and overall sales--so keep an eye on your Total Ad Cost of Sale (TACoS)
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