On the Campaign Performance page you have the ability to "remove" campaigns from Flywheel. It's important to understand how and when to use this feature.

What does removing a campaign do?
Removing a campaign will hide it from the Active, Enabled, Paused, and Archived filters on the Campaign overview page. Removing a campaign also means Teikametrics no longer reports metrics on it, changes bids, or makes keyword recommendations.

  1. Metric Reporting: removing a campaign removes all data for that campaign in the past as well as not showing any future data for the campaign, including ACoS, spend, or sales, as reported on your dashboard.
  2. Bid Changes: removing a campaign disables automatic bid changes for all keywords, or ad groups within that campaign
  3. Keyword Recommendations: Teikametrics will not make any keyword recommendations for campaigns that have been removed and it will remove any keywords in those campaigns from the profitable keywords list.

What does removing a campaign NOT do?
Removing a campaign from Teikametrics does NOT disable/pause/prevent that campaign from running in Seller Central.

How to remove a campaign?
On the Campaign Performance Page select the "Remove Campaign" button next to the campaign that you'd no longer like to show. You'll need to reconfirm your selection, and don't worry, you can always re-add a campaign later if you like.

When to Remove a campaign?
We recommend using this feature for paused and archived campaigns and certain enabled campaigns.

  1. Paused and Archived Campaigns: use this feature to remove metrics and keyword actions for your campaigns that aren't running. This helps clear the clutter of metrics and recommendations from your paused and archived campaigns.
  2. Certain Enabled Campaigns: when applicable use this feature to deactivate bidding and recommendations for certain campaigns. For instance, an older campaign you are phasing out.

How to re-add a campaign?
Re-add campaigns from your "Removed" list by filtering from your Activated Campaign view, to your Removed Campaign view. Select "Add to Active Campaigns" next to the campaigns you'd like to re-add. Note that re-adding a campaign will add applicable data back into the dashboard metrics, keyword recommendations and profitable keywords, as well as put it back into the list of campaigns under Campaign Performance.

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