While we automatically pull in and populate most of the data required to calculate estimated gross margins, we still need a little help from you. Enter your Cost of Goods Sold to unlock the full potential of Flywheel. 

What are the benefits of adding COGS to Flywheel?

Uploading COGS to Flywheel gives you access to additional metrics that will give you increased visibility to your Amazon business. These metrics are:

  • Estimated Gross Profit
  • Estimated Gross Margins
  • Pre-Ad Gross Margins 
  • Unlocks MACS Calculator functionality 

Check out this short video on how to enter COGS in Flywheel:

How to Enter COGS manually:

Simply enter COGS for all products in the Product Settings page and hit "Save Settings". 

How to Enter COGS through bulk import/export: 

If you have a large number of SKUs, we make it simple to import your COGS in bulk.

  1. Download a template from the Product Settings page by clicking "Import COGS", and select 'Download Template'. A template (csv file) will be emailed to you in just a few minutes.

Note: the export contains 2 columns. One for sku  and one for cogs . The template already includes a list of sku. You will need to enter cogs and save as a .csv.  

To ensure successful upload, do not include any special characters, such as $ and do not edit the column headers.  

In most cases it will approximately 30 minutes for changes to be reflected in Flywheel, however, it can take up to 24 hours from uploading COGS to enable the MACS calculator. 

Please Note: If you have previously entered COGS and are updating the value, your new COGS will be reflected moving forward and we will retain old COGS for historic data.

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