There's a lot of information on the product metrics page it can be overwhelming to know where to look and how to get started. Review this video to get a better understanding for the metrics or see some common tactics taken by Sellers below.

**Note: Any products with lifetime sales or ad spend are included on this page.**

Some common ways to take actions:

Sort by TACoS from highest to lowest

For products that are not in the launch phase, this could indicate you are overspending on advertising.

  1. Check to see if you product is in too many campaigns by looking at the Associated Campaigns  column. If there is no strategic reason for a product to be in more than 1 automatic and 1 manual campaign, consider pausing those ads.

  2. Check how associated campaigns are performing and consider lowering MACS to align with objective and margin. Remember, this can result in lower sales

For products in the launch phase, a high TACoS could be tolerable for a while to generate more exposure and visibility

Sort by conversion from lowest to highest and filter out any products with a low TACoS

This indicates that there might be a problem with the product listing page. You are spending money on advertising and it's generating clicks (hence the high TACoS), but shoppers who land on your page are not purchasing your product (hence the low conversion).

Sort by quantity sold and filter out anything with ad spend below a certain threshold (for example: $10 or $15 over the course of a month)

The products at the top of this list are culprits for wasted ad spend. Particularly if they have 0 sales and are not new to the market. For products that are new, you can leave ad campaigns running as-is for a little while longer. For other products, consider reducing ad spend by reducing MACS.

Sort by est. gross margin from highest to lowest and filter out any products with ad spend greater than $5.

These indicate products that need to be advertised or can sustain an increase in ad investment. Look at the Associated Campaigns column to see if products that need to be added to campaigns. For products already in campaigns, consider increasing the MACS or implementing a bid floor.

Sort by ad spend from highest to lowest and filter out any products with high margins. Consider the average margin of your products and look for any that fall close to it or above.

These indicate products that might be overspending on ads. 

  1. Consider pausing advertising to increase margins--but this could result in lower sales, especially if most of your sales come from paid ads

  2. Consider increasing selling price for these products to see if you can achieve a higher margin. This could also result in lower sales

  3. If no strategies work and this continues to be a longterm problem, consider divesting from product and investing elsewhere.

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