Business Metrics

Total sales and Total Ad Sales update on a daily basis with a 3-day buffer.

We look for new active listings on a daily basis to give you an updated list of what products still need Cost of Goods Sold set.

SKU-level metrics on the Product Metrics page update on a daily basis, unless noted. 

Please see below for advertising-specific metrics.

Advertising Metrics

Dashboard data will be updated on a daily basis so you can log in at any time to check your campaign performance. We always leave a 3-day buffer in reporting time to account for the delay in crediting sales to paid clicks.

Keyword action recommendations will update once per week. A sync day will be scheduled for you after account activation. On your sync day, you’ll be able to see new keyword recommendations populated in the software and receive an email reminding you to come into the software and take action.

Once your account is active, all enabled campaigns will show up in the Campaign Performance tab following the nightly sync. We will also update newly created manual ad groups in the "automatic to manual" tab following the nightly sync.

Bid changes may execute multiple times per day. The Bidder evaluates often, but only changes bids when needed. Click here for more info on hourly bidding.

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