Sometimes, it can seem like you aren't exhausting your budget or spending money on a particular campaign--even if you are willing to spend more! Try some of these strategies to increase spend on a campaign and capture more impressions and click data.  

Simple Strategies

  1. Increase your MACS: Set a MACS that coincides with the "Discovery Phase" on the MACS chart. Increasing your MACS allows you to bid higher and capture more data
  2. Restrict the number of negative keyword actions: Be more selective about the criteria you use to add negative keywords so you show up for more searches and are able to collect more data
  3. Add more keywords to your manual campaign: Try a lower threshold when you are moving keywords from automatic campaigns to manuals. If you normally wait for 2 conversions, try moving keywords with 1 conversion instead. Be aware, this can result in increased spend and ACoS
  4. Increase your default bid: For manual campaigns that are not generating enough spend, consider increasing the default ad group bid
  5. Out-of-budget alerts: Keep an eye out for out-of-budget alerts. If you set your budget too low, you are at risk of running out before the end of the day and losing out on impressions  

Advanced Strategies

  1. Set a higher Bid Floor: You can increase the minimum bid floor on the Campaign Performance page to guarantee you spend above a certain amount on bids for a campaign. By default, the bid floor is set to $0.05. Be aware, this can result in increased spend and ACoS
  2. Make sure your product is eligible for ads: External criteria can impact your advertising performance because they prevent ads from running correctly. Make sure you are in the Buy Box, your products are in stock and your listings are active
  3. Low search volume: For certain products and categories, the search volume is low and it can take time to generate clicks even if you are willing to spend more. In this instance, you may need to wait longer to gather data
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