Product Attribute Targeting (PAT) ads allow you to target your Sponsored Products advertising towards a particular audience. This guide is designed to give you an overview, show you how to set up your first PAT ad, review strategy and outline the best way to use PAT ads with Flywheel.

What are Product Attribute Targeting (PAT) Ads?

Product Attribute Targeting is a new way to target manual Sponsored Product campaigns. It allows sellers to target ads by either ASIN or Category (brands, prices, and ratings). This allows shoppers to find your product by choosing categories, products, brands, or features related to your own ASINs.

On which pages can my PAT ads show up?

PAT ads can show up in all the same places that a Sponsored Product ad can.

These places are:

  • Search Results

  • Product Details

  • Add-To-Cart

  • Check Out

  • Thank You

When should I use PAT ads?

1. Capture Market Share

Use PAT ads to attack your competitors and capture market share from them. If you have a clear picture of which brands or products are being considered against your own, advertise against them to see how you fare.

2. Defend Your Market Share

The flip side to the strategy above is that your competitors are going to be using PAT ads to target you. Do not try and defend everything you sell. Products with low prices, good sales rank and good reviews are going to be expensive for your competitors to steal from you. Instead, spend money on your weaker products and brands.

3. Brand or Product Launch

When launching something new, use PAT ads to target similar products or brands and ride their searches. This will give you immediate reach with people looking for what you want to sell. This is particularly powerful if your product is disrupting something already on the market.

4. Opportunistic Advertising

If a brand in your category gets hot off social media, ride the wave! Target them and their products to benefit from the search boost they are getting.

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