Teikametrics is excited to offer hourly bidding with Flywheel! Get caught up to speed with some of our frequently asked questions.

What is hourly bidding?

The Flywheel Hourly Bidder examines each ad target you have (keyword or ad group, including PAT campaigns) and evaluates whether it has the best bid, multiple times a day

πŸ™‹From our experts: Each evaluation uses more computing power than the Apollo Mission, and nearly as much math, to find the optimal bid for that target!

Will I see my bids change every hour?

The Bidder evaluates often, but only changes bids when needed. Constantly and unnecessarily shifting bids can lead to a lot of ups-and-downs in ACoS and a really bumpy ride.

You can check out your bid changes in the Change History tab.

How many bid changes lead to ideal performance?

The Flywheel Hourly Bidder has the ability to pull data from Amazon on every ad target you have and calculate a statistically informed bid for that target, every hour.

For example: A seller doing $1 million in annual sales is going to require, on average, 40,000 bid changes a month to keep their ad performance optimized.

πŸ™‹From our experts: For each of those changes, the bid will need to be evaluated a dozen times at least. That’s 500+ Million bid evaluations a month! Phew!Β 

What are the benefits of hourly bidding?

Hourly bidding allows you to be more responsive to changes in the marketplace. Amazon is a dynamic ecosystem and you want to make sure you are reacting to:

  • New competitors
  • Trends in searches
  • Changes in inventory levels and Buy Box occupancy

How can I see the best results with hourly bidding?

Make sure your MACS is set correctly and that you reevaluate it every week or two to keep up with changes in performance

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