The MACS recommendations generated by the Campaign Creator are considered to be more accurate suggestions than those provided by the calculator. The calculator follows a different logic so you may see discrepancies in the suggested values.

The MACS calculator recommendations are suggestions only.

What is the MACS Calculator?

The MACS Calculator will generate recommended MACS based on your current campaign ACoS, pre-ad gross margins and advertising goals, also known as, campaign objectives: increase sales, target profitability, aggressive launch, and launch. 

In order for the calculator to provide a suggestion, you must have your COGS uploaded to Flywheel. 

Please note: MACS calculator requires MWS connection and is not available for 1P (Vendor Central) Accounts.

Check out this short video on how to set MACS with the calculator:

How are the suggested MACS calculated?

Flywheel suggests MACS by taking into account a few criteria, including:

  • Objective of that campaign and what you are trying to accomplish

  • Pre-ad gross margin of products within a campaign

  • Current performance

What are campaign objectives considered by the MACS calculator?

  • Increase Sales: Increase conversions (may raise spend)

  • Target Profitability: Lower spend and ACoS (may lower sales)

  • Aggressive Launch: Increase spend to capture more data

  • Launch: Drive new traffic and impressions

What's the relationship between goals and margins? 

Why do I not see MACS suggestions for a particular campaign?

The MACS calculator requires pre-ad gross margin to make a suggestion. Make sure you have entered COGS for all your products to allow us to calculate pre-ad margins for that campaign. It can take up to 24 hours from uploading COGS to enable the MACS calculator. 

What happens after you set a MACS?

Setting MACS enables bid automation in Flywheel and bids will be submitted automatically to Amazon. Learn more about bidding here and review bid changes under Change History.

How often should I update my MACS?

You should review your MACS every 2-4 weeks, making changes where necessary. Only change MACS if the objective for a particular campaign has changed or you want to be more/less aggressive.

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