Flywheel's "Shopper Segmentation" feature, also known as 'tagging', easily lets you identify search terms with a brand  or competitor tag so you can target advertising based on shopper behavior and campaign objectives

How does the feature work? ️

Simply tag search terms as either brand  or competitor in the easy-to-use modal.

Step 1

Click on the tag icon 🏷

Step 2

Enter your own brand names and variations and enter any known competitors

Step 3

See the tags populate immediately on the Keywords to Add page ✨

Step 4

Easily move keywords into targeted brand or competitor campaigns

What if I don't have brand or competitor campaigns?

If you see a high volume of searches for your own brand name or are in a competitive category, then it might be time for an advanced, audience-based campaign structure.

This will allow you to implement different strategies based on types of searches and target campaigns efficiently. 

What do I do next?

Let Flywheel take over from here. Turn on Instant-Link to automatically map each suggestion to the right target ad group.

Click here to learn more about finding and adding new keywords with Flywheel.

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