Flywheel is now capable of automating and optimizing your Sponsored Brands campaigns within Seller Central and AMS. 

Starting Bid Automation

Sponsored Brand campaigns are located within the Advertising section of Flywheel under SB Campaigns. You can start automation in 3 easy steps:

1. Setting MACS to enable Bid Automation

Set MACS to enable bid automation. MACS indicates your willingness to spend on a particular campaign. You will want to make sure your MACS align with your campaign goals, as these control how conservative or aggressive our bidder will spend on your advertising. 

2. Set Minimum Bid Floors

Minimum Bid Floors are the lowest amount you are willing to bid on a keyword within a particular campaign. Our default recommendation is to use $0.10 for SB campaigns.

3. Save settings

Save your settings to start bid automation!

Additional Information

  • Flywheel will not offer a bid higher than $50 for Sponsored Brands ads. 

  • Be sure to review the bid change history to learn more about how the bidder is performing based on your set targets. 

Not running Sponsored Brands? Learn how to create SB campaigns here.

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