Sponsored Brands metrics are now integrated within flywheel, allowing you to view all of your advertising metrics for both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands in one spot. 

Flywheel Homepage

Upon entering Flywheel, your overall business metrics now reflect spend and sales for Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products.  Learn more about these metrics here.

Ad Metrics

To better evaluate your advertising performance, navigate to the Ad Metrics page within the Advertising section of Flywheel. The Ad Metrics page offers you three views: All Campaigns, Sponsored Products, and Sponsored Brands. 

Within the Sponsored Brands tab you can view key performance metrics. 

1. Total Sales: This is your total revenue generated over a given time period. It includes both organic and paid (advertising) sales. 

2. SB Sales: This is the total amount of sales generated from Sponsored Brand sales over a given time period. 

3. SB Spend: This is the total amount spent on Sponsored Brand advertising over a given time period. 

4. SB ACoS: This is your ACoS for Sponsored Brands over a given time period.  SB ACoS = (SB Ad Spend/SB Ad Revenue) * 100

5. Wasted Ad Spend: This metric is not currently available for Sponsored Brands. 

View the period over period comparison to review additional KPIs: Impressions, clicks, cost per click, click-through rate, conversions, and conversion rate. 

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