Bid Automation for your Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brands campaigns can be enabled and disabled on the 'campaigns' tab within 'advertising'. 

If you are looking to remove/delete a MACS you previously set to return to making manual bid adjustments on your campaigns within Seller/Vendor Central, you will want to use the disable automation feature. Read on to learn more. 

Three States of Bid Automation:

Disabled = Bid automation was never been enabled, no MACS ever set
Off = Previously running bid automation, currently turned off
On = Bid automation is currently running

Enabling Bid Automation (Turn On)

If your campaigns are brand new, you begin bid automation by setting your Max Ad Cost per Sale, or MACS at the campaign level.  

New Campaigns will default to 'disabled' status: 

To enable, enter your MACS and click 'save settings'. Bid automation will be automatically enabled and we will begin to publish bids directly in Seller Central, on your behalf. 

To re-enable bid automation: 

If you're enabling automation on a campaign that had automation paused, toggle bid automation 'on' and 'save settings'. The campaign will run at the MACS previously set, unless you choose to update it.

Disabling Bid Automation (Turn Off)

If you need to stop bid automation for any of your campaigns, you can adjust the toggle in-app and your campaigns will no longer have bid adjustments automated. This means Flywheel will no longer automatically adjust your bids in Seller Central. However, campaign and keyword data will still be pulled into Flywheel. 

Campaign with bid automation disabled:

Flip the bid automation toggle to 'off' to disable bid automation functionality. Disabling bid automation for a campaign does not delete the previously set MACS. If you had COGS set, the MACS Calculator will be grayed out, the previously set MACS will still be visible, but you will be unable to make any changes to the field until the bid automation toggle is turned back on.  

Disabling bid automation will not affect keyword actions, you will still receive recommendations on a weekly basis. 

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