Since the release of Flywheel for Sponsored Brands campaigns on Amazon, we've been working on new ways to empower sellers with the best tools to run their businesses. We're thrilled to announce that you can now enable or disable bid automation for SB campaigns directly in-app.

Enabling Bid Automation
If your campaigns are brand new, you begin bid automation by setting your Max Ad Cost per Sale, or MACS at the campaign level.  Simply enter your MACS, and click Save Changes. Bid automation will be automatically enabled and we will begin to publish bids directly in Seller Central, on your behalf.

Disabling Bid Automation
If you need to halt bid automation for any of your campaigns, you can adjust the toggle in-app and your SB campaigns will no longer be automated. This means Flywheel will no longer automatically adjust your bids in Seller Central.

While we always recommend automating your campaigns, you know your business best, and if you need to pause automation for any campaigns we want you to have that option. 

If you have campaigns that were previously running and you've paused automation, you can resume at any time by adjusting the bid automation toggle. 

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