Regardless of the category you're selling in or where your products are in their lifecycle, upon enabling bid automation, you should expect it to take up to 90 days to optimize your campaigns. Optimizing you ads is a marathon, not a sprint. 

What happens after you set a MACS?

Setting MACS turns on bid automation, kicking off the 'discovery stage'.  We will slowly raise your bids until we have collected enough data to determine the value bid. This can result in peaks and valleys in spend, ACoS, and sales as we test bids and keywords. Learn more about how the bidder works here

When should I expect to see best results?

On average, you should start to see an improvement in performance within 30 days of enabling bid automation. Best results can take up to 90 days.  

Day 1-30: Low Data Situation. Expect increased spend, low sales and a rising ACoS, as the bidder collects data and tests keywords. Expect performance to improve as the attribution window closes and poor performing keywords are identified.

Day 30-60: Performance is stabilizing. Conversion rate is increasing, and ACoS is trending down. Spend remains consistent.

Day 60-90: High data situation. Sales and ACoS trending towards advertising goals. Majority of ‘top-performing keywords' have been identified. Expect to see spend stabilize, CTR to level out or increase and sales volume increase. 

Do other factors influence Performance? 

There is no magic button that will produce results, you need to be consistent in updating MACS, taking keyword actions and monitoring external changes, such as competition, reviews, ratings, etc.  

Amazon's Attribution Window:

Since there is an attribution lag, meaning a delay between a product was purchased and actually reported, you cannot truly judge performance during the first 2-4 weeks of setting MACS. You need a longer window to check for sales, whereas spend and clicks are reported quickly. The attribution lag for Sponsored Products is up to 7 days and for Sponsored Brands up to 14 days.

Additional Resources:
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