What are some actions you can take in the product to adjust performance?

Adjust your MACS: 

MACS control your willingness to spend.  If we are bidding too high or you’re spending too much, consider reducing the MACS on the campaign.  If we’re not spending enough or you’re trying to increase sales, consider increasing the MACS on the campaign.  Learn more about When to Make Changes to MACS. 

Add or Remove Bid Floors:

Bid floors are a way to increase spend on a given campaign. They're especially effective when launching a new product, targeting competitors, or selling in competitive categories. However, they should be used sparingly because they can lead to overspending. Learn more about How to Use Bid Floors

Take Keyword Actions: 

Adding keywords to your campaigns is one way to increase spend.  But adding too many keywords too quickly or without ample data behind them, could negatively affect performance.  

Adding negative keywords is also a great way to reduce inefficient spend and help reduce ACoS. Set parameters for yourself when reviewing negative keyword suggestions, taking too many negative actions will reduce your visibility and overall performance. 

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