Bid automation saves you time and money by taking the guesswork out of bidding to help you hit your advertising goals. Whether your goal is to maximize sales or improve product level profitability, Flywheel’s value-based bidder is the solution. 

Introduction to Bid Automation

One of Flywheel's greatest features is our bidding algorithm. Our bidding algorithm calculates the optimal bid for a keyword or ad group based on your campaign performance and your inputs in our system, called MACS. Once your MACS are set, bid automation is enabled. Flywheel will now start making bid adjustments directly in Amazon, so you don’t have to! 

Bid automation is crucial to your advertising performance because your conversion rate can change with every click you get. For high volume sellers, your conversion rate will change multiple times a day. Our bidder will evaluate performance multiple times a day and automatically make adjustments to your bids as new data is received.  

In Flywheel we support bid automation for the following advertising types:

  • Sponsored Products (1P and 3P)

  • Sponsored Brands

  • PAT Campaigns 

Now that you know what bid automation is and the advertising types that are supported, let’s learn how to turn on bid automation using MACS. 

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