What is MACS?

MACS stands for your Max Advertising Cost Per Sale and indicates the percentage of sales you are willing to spend on advertising per click. 

For instance, if your average sale was $10 and you set your MACS to 30%, then you are indicating that you are willing to spend up to $3 in ads for every $10 that you make in sales.

How do MACS work?

MACS is an input in Flywheel used to communicate with our bidder to calculate keyword and ad group level bids. MACS are set at the campaign level based on your advertising goals. Setting MACS automatically enables hourly bid automation on a campaign. 

The MACS input helps our bidding algorithm calculate your optimal bid. It dictates to the bidder your willingness to spend. The lower you set your MACS, the algorithm will bid more conservatively. The higher you set your MACS, the algorithm with bid more aggressively.

For example, let’s say you're taking a road trip across the country and you have the option to take the scenic route or the direct route. The scenic route is a slower, more cautious ride, whereas the direct route gets you to your destination faster. 

This is similar to how MACS work. If your goal is profitability, set a lower MACS. This indicates that the amount that you’re willing to spend on bids is low and bid changes will occur in smaller increments.  If your goal is to launch a product, set a higher MACS. This indicated that you’re willing to spend more on bids and you’ll generate more clicks faster.

MACS = Your Willingness to Spend

Now that you know what MACS are, let's learn how to set them based on your goals. 

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