You set your MACS, but things have changed, here is what you should do.

How often should I update my MACS? 

You should review the performance of your campaigns with the set MACS every 1-2 weeks, making changes where necessary. Only change MACS if the objective for a particular campaign has changed or you want to be more/less aggressive with spend. Within the first 30 days of setting MACS, you may want to review MACS more frequently to ensure they’re set correctly. 

How do I know when to make adjustments to my MACS? 

Consider changing MACS in the following scenarios:

1. Your objective or goals for a campaign or product have changed: 

  • Moving from launch to growth 

  • Liquidating a product vs aiming for profitability 

2. The ACoS of the campaign has increased/decreased:

  • If your ACoS is running above your desired goal, the best way to lower it is by reducing the delta between your MACS and ACoS. Adjusting your MACS to be within 10% of the campaign ACoS will allow the bidder more room to complete discovery. Over time you will be able to gradually reduce both your MACS and ACoS for the campaign. 

  • If your campaign ACoS has decreased (over 10% difference from MACS) make small adjustments in MACS, no more than 10%. This will allow you to improve profitability without reducing sales. 

3. The campaign is not meeting your goals:

  • If your campaign is not generating sufficient impressions or clicks at a 20% MACS, for instance, you can consider raising it higher to 40% instead.

  • If your campaign is over spending, to reduce clicks, you can consider making gradual reductions to your MACS.

How much do I adjust my MACS? 

If you’ve determined you need to make an adjustment to your MACS consider following these rules:

Downward Adjustment - Reduce MACS

Consider small adjustments of 5%-10%, every 7-14 days.  

Upward Adjustment - Increase MACS 

Consider adjustments of 10%-25%, every 7-14 days.  

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