Evaluating performance is a combination of understanding the metrics associated with your campaign goals and reviewing the bid change history of a campaign. Reviewing this data will provide insights on how your set MACS are influencing performance, and help you determine what, if any, changes should be made. 

Evaluating campaign performance starts with understanding your goals/objectives for each campaign: 

Launch: If your products are new and in the initial stages of the product lifecycle, you should measure campaign success by increased impressions and clicks. Your goal at this stage is to increase spend and capture more data in order to generate exposure. 

Growth/Increase Sales: As your products start to improve conversion, you should measure success by incremental revenue growth and work on reducing wasted ad spend to move closer to your MACS. 

Profitability: As your campaigns and product mature, you no longer need to spend as much to generate sales. Focus on driving incremental revenue at the most efficient spend. You can measure success by evaluating your ACoS.

How can I evaluate performance in Flywheel? 

Start by reviewing specific campaign metrics. To drill down on your campaign performance and review the metrics pertaining to your goals click "View Details" under the campaign name on the campaigns page.  

Full Page View: 

  1. Use the date picker to customize the date range 
  2. Use the drop down to customize the metrics using the graph view
  3. Side by Side Data comparison 

Next, Review your bid change history.  Review the ‘bid change history’ at the campaign level to see what the old bid was, what the new bid is and the reason for the adjustment. Learn more about bid change reasons here.

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