Where do I set MACS in Flywheel? 

Setting MACS on the Campaigns Page:

On the campaigns page, navigate to either Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands Enter MACS in the column Set Max Ad Cost per Sale and click Save All Settings. This will enable bid automation for your campaign.

Using the MACS Calculator:
Uploading COGS (cost of goods sold) for your products will enable the MACS calculator and automatically provide you with insights on your product margins. 

What MACS can I set?

You can set a MACS between 3% - 200%. If you want to set a MACS lower than 3% you should disable bid automation on that campaign.  

Can I remove MACS? 

You are unable to remove or delete MACS. If you want to pause bid automation, click here to learn more about Disabling Bid Automation.

Where can I see the bid changes?

Review your bid changes at any time on the Change History page. You can see old bids, new bids, and change reasons. These can be technical, learn more about Bid Change Reasons.  

In Seller or Vendor Central:
Flywheel publishes bids directly in Seller or Vendor Central. If you're bidding on an auto campaign you will see the new bid reflected at the ad group level. In manual campaigns, new bids are reflected at the keyword level.

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