Disclaimer: This article addresses questions specifically related to Users on a Self Service plan. Different user segments follow different pricing plans, if you’re an Agency or Managed Services client, please contact your Account Manager (CSM) with billing questions.

What are the pricing tiers for Self-Service Plans?

There are 3 pricing tiers used for Flywheel billing: Entrepreneur, Professional, and Premium. The pricing plan is determined by your total advertising spend each month. 

How does billing work? 

Flywheel monthly subscription fees are determined by two components: a base fee and a percentage of advertising spend fee. Fees are due at the beginning of the term (month) for access during the term. The ad spend fee is based on historical 30 day ad spend, aggregated across all live storefronts. There are no prorated returns for mid-term cancellations.  

How is my bill calculated?

Your monthly bill is calculated based on your past 30 days of ad spend. For example, If you spent $5,000 on advertising in the month of November, in December you’d be charged: $149 (entrepreneur base fee) + 7% of $5,000 ($350) = $499

Ad spend includes ALL spend associated with enabled (running) Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns in Amazon. This includes spend for campaigns that are not being optimized by Flywheel or have been “removed”. 

Why did my bill change?

You may notice your base fee has increased/decreased. This will occur if changes your ad spend qualifies you for a different pricing tier. For example, if your monthly ad spend increases from $10,000 to $16,000 in a term, this would qualify you for the 'Professional' plan, increasing your base fee to $799, while lowering your ad spend fee to 3.5%. 

How do Long Term Contracts work? 

If you’re on a long term contract (quarterly, biannual, annual), discounts are applied to both the base fee and ad spend fee. The base fee is paid up front at the beginning of the term. The ad spend fee is charged monthly.  If you're interested in switching to a long term contract, please contact our Expert Support team via Expert Chat.  

To learn more about updating payment information and accessing invoices review: Where do I find my Invoice?

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