Reduce Inefficient Ad Spend using Negative Keywords

The greatest threat to profitability with Amazon Advertising is inefficient advertising spend. This means paying for clicks that don’t convert into sales. Adding negative keywords will help you reduce wasted ad spend and improve ACoS by targeting your ads to the most relevant searches. 

What are Negative Keywords? 

When you add a search term as a negative keyword, you are indicating to Amazon that you do not want your ads to show for associated searches. The search term will no longer be eligible for impressions. There are 2 types of negative keywords: Negative Exact and Negative Phrase.  

If you add a search term as a negative exact match, your ad will not show if a consumer uses that exact sequence of text. Learn more about keyword match types

Keywords to Negate in Flywheel:

Flywheel will make new recommendations for search terms to be added as a negative keyword on a weekly basis.  New recommendations can be found under 'Keywords to Negate' within Keyword Actions.  

Any search term that has generated $5 of spend and resulted in no sales, will be added to this list. If you choose to negate a search term, it will be added as a 'negative exact' match at the ad group level automatically in Amazon. 

How do choose which search terms to add as a negative keyword? 

Deciding which search terms to add as negative keywords is very challenging.  If you negate too many keywords you will reduce your visibility, hurting your sales.  If you negate too few keywords, you risk hurting your conversion rate and overspending. 

Always consider the relevancy, spend, number of clicks and time running when deciding where or not to take action. 

Read Negative Keywords: Setting Parameters to learn advanced keyword action strategy. 

Review your negative keyword actions in Flywheel: 

Review your negative keyword history in Flywheel within the 'Change History' tab. Here you can see a list of the search terms added as negative keywords, along with the date of the action, prior spend and associated campaign and ad group.  

Use the 'undo negative keywords' button to remove the negative keyword from Amazon. This will make the search term eligible for impressions again.

Where do you see negative keywords in Amazon/Seller Central?

You have the ability in Amazon to add negatives at the campaign level, but Flywheel will only add negative keywords at the ad group level for both automatic and manual campaigns. 

In Amazon (Campaign Manager), within the campaign, click into the ad group, then 'negative targeting' to review the negative keywords. 

Learn tips for choosing search terms to negate based on your Amazon business and goals. 

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