All of your campaigns from Amazon populate on the campaigns page within 'Advertising'. Data reflects a trailing 30 day period. Here you can:

  • Review and analyze performance metrics at the campaign and ad group level

  • Apply multiple custom filters

  • Set and update your bidding strategy (MACS)

  • Troubleshoot campaign performance ('view details')

  • View your pre-ad gross margin for each campaign

  • Navigate between your Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns

Review Key Performance Metrics for Campaigns and Ad Groups:

Use the arrow to expose ad group data. Here you will able to set and edit MACS for each ad group.

Learn more about Ad Group Data.

Additional Performance Metrics:
In addition to sales, spend, and ACoS metrics, you can also review the number of impressions, clicks and conversions for your campaigns and ad groups. These metrics can provide key insights on where you are in the Campaign Lifecycle.

Set and Adjust your Bidding Strategy (MACS):

Control your bidding strategy. Set and adjust MACS for your campaigns and ad groups here. For best results, always set MACS at the ad group level.

Want to bid more aggressively? Increase your bid floor to jump start spend.

Need to disable bid automation? Use the toggle to easily disable/enable automation.

Learn more about Ad Group Level Bidding.

Note: Disabling bid automation will not affect keyword actions, you will still receive recommendations on a weekly basis.

Troubleshoot Performance using "View Details" option:

Hover over the campaign name to expose the 'view details' button. This will navigate you to a new page, where you can drill down on performance metrics over custom date range and analyze trends on a custom graph. And, this data can be exported!

Custom Filter & Sort Options:

Apply multiple custom filters across all campaigns to analyze sales and performance trends. Sort by sales to see your highest/lowest selling campaigns.

Looking to improve your ACoS? Set a custom filter to show all campaigns running at an ACoS over 50% and total 30 days sales over $100 to identify campaigns that need attention.  

Campaigns Column: Filter by 'Status'

Flywheel will default to only show 'enabled' campaigns. Use the filter for the 'Status' column to view paused or archived campaigns.

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