Gain additional insights on your key campaign performance metrics, along with additional bidding controls, on the improved campaign performance pages within Flywheel. 

All campaigns are now conveniently located within the 'campaigns' tab in the advertising section.  Quickly switch between your Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns at the top of the page. 

View Details & Products in Campaign:  Hover over the campaign name to expose the 'view details' button. Here you can view the performance metrics and product metrics for all enabled campaigns. 

Search Bar:
Use the search bar to quickly navigate to a specific campaign or subset of campaigns. For instance, you may sell a wide array of storage products, search "storage" to easily review and evaluate the performance of all related campaigns. 

Additional Metrics:
Easily review all relevant metrics without leaving the campaign performance page. You can now review the number of impressions, clicks and conversions at the campaign level.  These metrics can provide key insights on where you are in the Campaign Lifecycle.

Improved Filtering & Sorting:
You can now apply custom filters across all campaigns. Previously, you had the option to sort by one metric.  With the updated table, you have the option to sort and filter multiple columns! 

Looking to improve your ACoS? Set a custom filter to show all campaigns running at an ACoS over 50% and total 30 days sales over $100 to identify campaigns that need attention.  

Campaigns Column: Filter by 'Status'

All campaigns, enabled, paused and archived, will populate on the campaign performance table. Use the status filter to customize your view.  

** Campaigns that were previously "removed" will also populate on this list.  

Pro Tip: Click on the column title to sort campaigns alphabetically.  If you're looking for a particular campaign, use the search bar for fast lookup. 

Looking to only see campaigns with bid automation enabled? Use this customized filter to see all enabled campaigns: 

Bid Automation Controls: Enable/Disable in Product

You now have the ability, in-app, to disable bid automation for a campaign that previously had automation enabled (MACS set). Learn more about this feature here. 

While we encourage you to keep automation running, this feature will come in handy in certain situations, for instance, if you're product is out of stock or you're experimenting with different bidding strategies.  

Disabling bid automation will not affect keyword actions, you will still receive recommendations on a weekly basis. 

Disabling bid automation works similarly to the 'remove campaign' functionality. Previously removed campaigns will be restored in the product with bid automation disabled. You will now start to receive keyword action recommendations and metrics associated with sales and spend will be included in the dashboards. 

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