One of the biggest challenges our users face is determining what keywords to add to their manual campaigns.  This is a challenge because people have difficulty knowing which performance metrics they should be using to determine the quality of a keyword. Cue smart pre-defined default values + keyword automation! 

With Keyword Automation, Flywheel will now automatically identify and add the right keywords to your campaigns based on key data points: conversions, clicks and ACoS. 

What are the default values for Keyword Automation? 

If you enable keyword automation without editing any of the preset values, Flywheel will use the following default values: 

If the recommended keyword meets all of the performance metrics, it will be automatically added as a keyword to the manual campaign. The default values follow an 'AND' relationship, meaning if all 3 values are checked off, the keyword will only be added if it meets all criteria. 

Using the example above, the keyword must have at least 2 conversions, an ACoS under 50% and at least 2 clicks in order to be added as a keyword. If one of these values is not met, it will not be added as a keyword. Using the default values will ensure you are only targeting relevant keywords. 

How do you know what is a "good" keyword? 

Is a search term a "good" keyword because it resulted in one sale? Usually not. 

Let's think this through, if it took 15 clicks to generate that 1 sale, your conversion rate would be 7%. Depending on the price of your product ($19) and the cost per click ($1.46), this search term may be running at a very high ACoS (117%).  While it did result in a sale, the other metrics are indicating that this keyword would perform poorly if it were to be added as a keyword at this time.

Adding keywords with only one conversion or is running at a high ACoS, can do more harm than good because your ad may be appearing for non-relevant searches.  This often results in inefficient spend and a lower conversion rate. 

Customizing Default Values

You have the option to customize the default values based on your advertising goals. 

If you're launching a new product and trying to collect as much data as possible, you may only want to focus on the number of conversions as the main metric. 

If you're focusing on profitability and want to keep inefficient spend to a minimum, you may make your settings more strict and only add new keywords if they have at least 4 conversions and an ACoS lower than 50%.  

Important Note:
If you enable keyword automation and you're accustomed to search terms being automatically being added as negative keywords when moving from an auto campaign, also known as our "auto-negate" feature, you will now need to manually negate said keywords within seller central. BUT, we're working on it! Keep an eye out for future releases.  

This feature is still available if you take keyword actions manually. 

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