How to be most successful using Keyword Automation:

Before turning on keyword automation, do everything you can to help instant link determine the correct target ad group.  Here are a few tips to improve success. 

Ensure campaign structure is set up correctly: 

  • Products (SKUs) in the source ad group and target ad group are the same 

  • Naming convention of the source ad group and target ad group are mirrored or very similar: For example, if your automatic ad group (source) is named "Drain Cleaner", name the target ad group in your manual campaigns "Drain Cleaner - Generic", "Drain Cleaner - Brand" and "Drain Cleaner - Competitor". 

The more overlap between the source ad group and target ad group the higher the likelihood that Flywheel will be able to successfully add keywords to your manual campaigns. 

Add Search Term "Tags" (Shopper Segmentation) on the keyword action page:

  • Tags are a parameter instant link considers when choosing the target ad group for a recommendation. If instant link has to choose between 3 suggested target ad groups ABC - Brand, ABC - Competitor, ABC - Generic. If the search term has a Brand tag, Instant link will choose the target ad group with the word Brand in the naming convention. 

Test automation success rates by setting strict rules at first and then loosen the requirements after identifying gaps:

  • Set strict rules first that apply to all campaigns, for example 3+ conversions, then navigate to the keyword actions page and apply a filter matching the rules set (3+ conversions). This will help you identify recommendations we could not find a target ad group for. 

  • Manually take actions on the recommendations we could not identify the target ad group to train the system for future actions.

  • Then loosen the rules, for example, reduce to 1+ conversions, apply this change in the settings and we will take those actions right away. 

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