As Amazon continues to release different advertising types, it gets confusing to know which ad type is best for you and how to track to the success of these campaigns. 

Sponsored Products promotes the individual products you list on Amazon. Targeted ads help you boost the visibility of your products when shoppers search for keywords you bid on. These appear directly in the search results, as well as on product detail pages.

Primary Objectives: Drive sales, increase visibility and organic ranking
How to Measure Performance: Track ACoS, Sales, and Conversions

Tip: Consider also using product attribute targeting (PAT) campaigns to increase market share.

Sponsored Brands ads an effective way to increase brand awareness. The ad creative typically includes a headline, logo, and up to 3 ASINs and is displayed at the top of the page. When clicked the shopper can be directed to a specific product category, a product listing, or your Amazon Storefront. These are generally much more competitive (& expensive).

Primary Objectives: Increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, tell your brand story
How to Measure Performance: Track ROAS, New to Brand metrics, Impressions, CTR 

Tip: Improve performance with audience-based campaigns, target brand, competitor, and generic (category) keywords separately.

Differences from Sponsored Products:

  • Must be brand registered to use ad type

  • Previously only compatible with manual campaigns, Sellers strategies can now include negative keywords, category, and ASIN targeting

  • Additional placements alongside the bottom and sides of search results

  • Dynamic ASIN optimizations: Amazon will display ASINs it predicts will convert

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