Evaluating your campaign performance in Flywheel just got a whole lot easier. You can now review ad group level data straight from the campaigns page. This gives you context of ad group performance in relation to the campaign as a whole. 

Click on the arrow to the left of the campaign name to expand the campaign to view your ad groups and the associated data. 

All enabled ad groups will appear in alphabetical order providing you with insights on:

  • Ad group settings: ad group name and ad group status (paused and archived ad groups will appear if they were previously enabled during 30 day period)

  • Ad group performance data: ad spend, ad sales, ACoS, impressions, clicks, and orders 

  • Ad group product info: ad group pre-ad gross margin range and average pre-ad gross margin

Performance Data:

Product Info:

Use this functionality to pinpoint products or ad groups that may be underperforming within campaigns. For instance, if you see an ad group that has generated low spend and sales, it may not be getting the proper visibility and it should be moved into its own campaign. Review Ad Group data now. 

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