Action: Review your new campaigns 

Review your new Sponsored Products campaigns and our recommendations, based on your product goals, for your campaign daily budgets and ad group level MACS. 

You have the option to make edits to your budgets and MACS before submitting to Amazon. 

How to Use: Let’s get familiar with this page

This page shows a collapsed view of your campaigns. The key campaign settings are summarized at the parent product level: start/end date, budget, goal and MACS.

  1. Turn on ‘Edit Mode’ to view the editable fields 
  2. Daily Budget: Parent Product budget is the combined total value for all associated campaigns
  3. Parent Product Goal: Launch, Growth, Profit, Liquidation, Combination 
  4. MACS: Parent Product MACS reflects the full range of suggested MACS across all associated campaigns and ad groups

Use the dropdown arrow (#5) to expand the view, revealing your new campaigns and ad groups:

How to Use: What fields can be edited? 

You can edit your daily budget at the parent product or campaign level.  Budgets are calculated based on historic spend or sales data, if available, to generate smart budgets that will last throughout the day.

The parent level budget reflects the total budget for all associated campaigns. Edits made at parent level will cascade down proportionally to each campaign. You also have the option to customize budgets at the campaign level.  

In the example above, $80 is the parent product budget. If no changes are made to individual campaigns, it will be dispersed evenly among the associated campaigns. 

Learn how your budgets are calculated here.


MACS is an input that communicates with our bidder to determine the optimal bid for your keywords. Campaign Creator will make recommendations for your ad group level MACS based on your product margins, goal, and target audience (brand, competitor, category/generic).  

You can edit MACS at the campaign and ad group level. For best results, we only recommend editing MACS at the ad group level. Changes made to MACS at the campaign level will override the MACS set at each ad group and for campaigns with varying goals and margins, this could result in over/underspending. 

You always have the ability adjust MACS on the campaigns page after creating your campaigns. 

Learn more about MACS and how they're calculated here.

What if I need to make other changes?

Use the 'back' button if you need to add or remove any products or make changes to your product goals. Your current progress will be saved.

Interested in learning more about how your campaigns were structured? Check out our FAQ on Campaign Settings

Ready to Launch?

Hit 'submit' to send your new campaigns to Amazon for approval. Within a few minutes your new campaigns will up and running, powered by our Value Based Bidding Algorithm. 

Read on to learn more about what happens to your existing campaigns and keywords. 

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