Introducing Flywheel Campaign Creator with product goal optimization! Launch new, goal-oriented Sponsored Products campaigns for your products at scale in four easy steps.

Good campaign structure is the foundation to success on Amazon. Implementing a smart and scalable structure from the launch of your advertising campaigns will make all the difference as you grow your Amazon business.

What does “good campaign structure” really mean?

In general, campaigns are “properly structured” when you can easily optimize, monitor, and manage them at scale while driving growth in line with your business objectives.

But what does that actually mean in practice?

To build the best Sponsored Products campaigns, you should:

  1. Structure campaigns around product lines so that your optimization strategy can consider product lifecycle goals, like launching a product or improving SKU profitability.

  2. Build multiple campaigns per product line to maximize performance for different shopper segments, controlling spend and ad performance by targeting brand terms and competitor terms separately.

Flywheel Campaign Creator allows you to quickly build properly structured campaigns that are aligned with your product goals and target audiences to improve workflow efficiency and performance results.

Learn exactly how it works.

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