Campaign Creator takes a product-centric approach to campaign building, improving your workflow, and enhancing performance results, all in four quick steps. 

How to Use Campaign Creator:

In four quick steps, create goal-oriented campaigns at scale.

How are Campaigns Structured?

Your products are grouped into campaigns by Parent ASIN with each individual Child ASIN within its own ad group. We will create a combination of automatic and manual campaigns based on the campaign build type.

This structure gives you the ability to optimize your product performance based on its advertising goals and product-level margins.

What Else Does Campaign Creator Do?  

In addition to building out a campaign structure, the creator will configure campaign settings based on AI-powered recommendations to ensure you’re set up for success. These settings include: 

  • Smart Naming Convention

  • Daily Budget recommendations based on prior spend levels 

  • MACS recommendations based on Product Goals and Target Audience 

  • Bid Automation automatically enabled

  • Top Keywords automatically transferred based on past performance

Note: If a Parent ASIN has a SKU associated with it in Seller Central, we will be unable to create campaigns for those products at this time.

What Happens After you Submit your New Campaigns?

Let's get started!

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