You’ve finished your campaign build and have submitted your campaigns to Amazon, what happens to your new and existing campaigns? 

Item 1: Campaigns submitted to Amazon for Approval 

Your new campaigns are submitted to Amazon in real time for approval. Campaigns will populate in Flywheel within the campaigns page, once they are successfully created in Amazon. Typically, this is a quick process, but for large catalogs, this could take up to 20 minutes. 

Item 2: Confirmation Email Sent 

Once your campaigns have been approved by Amazon, Campaign Creator will send you a confirmation email alerting you of their status. Your new campaigns will immediately populate within the campaigns page in Flywheel.
Pro tip: Search using the Teika label '|TM' (vertical line TM) on the campaigns page to quickly locate your new campaigns. You can also use the 'status' filter to show only 'enabled' campaigns. 

In rare cases, a campaign upload may fail. If this occurs instructions will be provided in the status email sent.

Item 3: Pause SKUs in Existing Campaigns

Upon successful import of your new campaigns, Campaign Creator will immediately pause the SKUs used in your build, in all of your pre-existing Sponsored Product campaigns. The ad group and campaign will remain running (enabled), only the SKU is being paused. 

Item 4: Transfer Top Performing Keywords to New Campaigns 

Campaign Creator will automatically transfer existing keywords that have proven to convert in the past 30 days to your new campaigns. This means the keyword must have generated at least 1 sale in the prior 30 day period. Keywords that fit this criteria will be transferred with the same text and match type. In some cases, the same keyword will be transferred to multiple ad groups. 

At this time, Campaign Creator does not transfer any negative keywords. 

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Item 5: Enable Bid Automation in Flywheel  

Campaign Creator will automatically enable bid automation on your new campaigns using the MACS set during the campaign build. We will immediately start collecting data and publishing bids to Amazon, to get your new campaigns ramped up as quickly as possible. 

Learn more about MACS and Bid Automation. 

In the next section we cover in more detail how Flywheel Campaign Creator generates custom settings. 

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