Time savings is particularly important as you're growing your Amazon business. Using smart and consistent naming practices for your campaigns and ad groups makes campaign management easier and faster. 

Why is naming convention important?

This smart naming convention aids in campaign management and works best when automating actions in Flywheel. It also gives you more visibility to the products within your campaigns so you spend less time making strategy decisions. 

If you're unsure of the products in your campaigns or the audiences segment you're targeting, it becomes challenging to implement and adjust your advertising strategies. 

How does Campaign Creator generate campaign and ad group names?

We generate a recommended Campaign and Ad Group Name for every entity we create:

Campaign Name = Abbreviated Product Line (Parent ASIN) Name - Type|TM
Ad Group Name = Abbreviated Child ASIN Name -  Type | Child SKU
Type = Auto, Brand, Competitor, or Generic (Manual)
|TM = Teikametrics Label 

Why do we include 'type' in the naming convention?

Campaign 'type' provides you with key insights pertaining to your advertising strategy. In theory, you will different spend and performance goals when targeting a competitor campaign, than a brand campaign. If this information is not included in the campaign name, it will be difficult to understand how your campaigns are performing relative to their goals. 

Can names be edited?

While we don’t recommend changes, revisions can be made to campaign and ad group names within seller central after your campaigns have been published. 

If you do choose to shorten the names, be sure to follow a consistent naming convention across all associated campaigns and ad groups. 

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